Understand Your Options To Regain Your Smile

Single Tooth Implant

Tooth Implant

Starting at $3,499


A dental implant is used to replace a single tooth which may have been lost due to injury, decay or disease.

Dentures with Implants

Supported Dentures

Starting at $8,999
In as little as 2 appointments.

Convert your own denture to a Snap-on Overdenture for as low as $5,000.


A full set of dentures snaps into these anchor points, giving your teeth a more natural function; since they shift less than traditional dentures.

Permanently Get Your Smile Back

Get Your Smile Back

Starting at $18,000
Payment plans starting at $440/month


The complete set of teeth is affixed to these anchors with screws, meaning they are exceptionally secure - they do not have to be removed for an extremely natural look and feel.